Choosing the best for South Carolina women, children & families.

Intended pregnancy means healthier mothers, healthier babies and a healthier state economy.

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We are a collective of more than 150 partners building a healthier South Carolina.

Healthy pregnancies are intended pregnancies.

South Carolina has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the US. And the lack of prenatal care that coincides with unintended pregnancy is one of the largest reasons why. With a combination of advanced technology and common-sense outreach, we’re working toward a future where every child is wanted and can thrive.

Our Vision

Voices For A Healthier South Carolina

We need to match the moral imperative with the economic imperative.

Rick Foster, MD

Executive Director, Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina

Senior Advisor, SC Hospital Association

Everyone is in favor of strengthening families and government spending less money.

Isabel Sawhill

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

If there is a direct link between unintended pregnancies and saving over $200 million dollars a year, why wouldn't you want to do that?

Rachel Hodges

Former First Lady of South Carolina

We can see clearly how unintended pregnancy affects our society. This is an issue that should have support from both sides of the aisle, politically.

Carl Humphries

CEO, HopeHealth

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