Revolutionary for our state.

We know that the healthiest pregnancies are intended pregnancies. In 2017, we formed a collective of more than 150 partners from around the state with the goal of reducing unintended pregnancy in South Carolina 25 percent by 2021. This has the potential to save taxpayers $79 million a year and change the course of the future for our women, children and families.

It’s a massive project and truly important work. We’re proud to be serving South Carolina in this vital way.

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Collaboration among partners with a shared vision.

Impactful change for South Carolina families couldn’t happen without the cooperation of our diverse network of partners. Read how we are leading the way to healthier pregnancies.

Our Work

Coordinated by New Morning.

Currently, the Choose Well initiative is privately funded by New Morning, the nonprofit backbone organization for this collective effort in South Carolina. But our private funding will sunset over the next few years. Learn how you can help sustain these efforts and make a difference in the lives of women, children and families across our state.


New Morning was founded as a nonprofit in 2002 to significantly reduce unintended pregnancy within a generation’s time. Today, New Morning provides human and financial resources and manages collaboration among all Choose Well partner organizations.

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